Meetup Tech Talks by EPAM in Gdańsk: Boost REST API automation and unlock the secrets to seamless ChatBot testing
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Join us for Tech Talks by EPAM on June 14 in Gdańsk! Discover cutting-edge techniques to supercharge your API testing and chatbot solutions.

Get ready for two presentations, delivered by experienced speakers:

  • "REST API tests in less than a minute" by Marcin Maj

    "During the presentation, we will see how to generate API clients from Open API Specifications with documentation, model, and tests for various programming languages and frameworks. We will take Java and REST Assured as an example, wrap it in Maven modules, and run fully functional tests with Junit and Allure. We will consider scenarios of how to integrate the solution with testing and development Continuous Integration pipeline for shifting tests left. As a result, you should have an idea of how to increase the testability, reliability, and quality of your API tests. In many cases, you will be also able to shorten delivery time."
  • "What if your ChatBot tests would write themselves?" by Danylo Mochuliak

    "Developing software we should test it thoroughly.
    Developing software we should have automated regression tests.
    And tests take time to write - lots of time.
    What if - every time the system changed - it could automatically generate and run a new set of tests, without human assistance?"

But that's not all! Stick around after the sessions for some networking time over delicious snacks!

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