Automatyzacja testowania

Behavior Driven Testing in C#, Selenium and Specflow

1 dni (1 x 8 h)
09:00 - 17:00

Cel nauczania

In this training, we will go through the concepts of Behavior driven design in software development, and learn how these concepts are useful for software testing. Additionally, we will implement the learned concepts using Specflow and Selenium framework on a sample web application.

Zakres tematyczny

  • Training Introduction
  • The gap between Business , the development team and testers
  • From Domain driven design to Behavior Driven development
  • BDT: Behavior Driver Testing
  • Expressing Business requirements in natural languages using Specflow
  • User interface automation through Selenium
  • Use case: Tickets booking process testing
  • Implementation:
    • Setting up the testing environment (Configuring visual studio and installing the needed frameworks)
    • Creating our first test case using Specflow and Chrome
    • Test case implementation using Selenium and C#
  • Training summary
  • Q&A

Jak się przygotować

Visual studio Community edition 2019 and Chrome browser installed.

Metody nauczania


Materiały edukacyjne

As a participant of the "Behavior Driven Testing in C#, Selenium and Specflow" training, you will receive a set of carefully prepared training materials and full access to electronic materials on the


By the end of this training, participants should be able to create a testing project from scratch until the final implementation following Behavior Driven Testing principles. Therefore, mastering how to automate UI and non UI test cases using Specflow and Selenium best practices will be the ultimate goal.